Generating Ideas

After all the data we had gathered from the empathy phase, and the clear problem definition we were left with after the definition phase, we were ready to start on the ideate phase. The end goal in this phase is to be left with one good idea, that we can further work with, and hopefully will solve the problem we have earlier defined as our problem definition.

As a group we sat down and started coming up with as many ideas as possible. We wrote each of the ideas down on sticky notes. One idea for each sticky note. We came up with many ideas, but we could see that most of the ideas was an app of some sort.

We then startet hanging all the ideas on the wall, to easily see all of them, and also to see if we have come up with the same idea several times. We actually had done just that, so we removed the ideas that were too similar to eachother.

This process was a very exciting one, and it was interesting to see the many different solutions to our problem. However most of the ideas we came up with was impossible to go further with, or didn´t really solve the problem at hand.

The next step in the process is the selection process!