Testing Process

We want to test the usability of our prototype, and the feeling of it. We want to see if our app and “credit card” is easy to manage for the user, and if it´s easy to understand.

There are not many big functionalities of our prototype, however there are many small ones that function together as one. We want to see the “big picture” and how the user and our prototype can function together.

We will use two different scenarios, one where the user is at the store and using the prototype for guidance. And the other where the user is at home planning their week and their budgets.

We want to create some tasks for the user to complete while trying our prototype. For example, in our prototype app you can set limits for how much money you can spend at a certain store. We then want the user to try to follow the instructions of the app, and only spend that amount of money.

We will have a total of three testers, which we will chose from some of our student homes. Considering only students live there, we were thinking they will be the perfect testing group.