3.2. Personas, Scenarios and Storyboards

Persona for 1st person:

Name: Lisa.
Age: 23.
Education: Bachelor in informatics (first year).
Location: Halden.

Bio: Lisa is a student who loves to technology, sports and music.
Needs/frustrations: Lisa is frustrated about not having many attendees with the same interests for her favorite sport. She needs a solution to share her events with many people.
Motivations: Lisa is interested in volleyball practices, and wishes to form a student team to play matches against other universities.
Goal: Her goal is to form a volleyball team to win the upcoming championship in Østfold.
Psychographics: Kind, funny, athletic.
Behaviouristics: Loves excersizing at the gym, chat with friends and play music.


Lisa has no plans after school on a tuesday and wants to host a volleyball practice. Lisa is at the cafeteria and walks towards a TV displaying a calendar with events happening around the school. She sees that there are only events of parties and football on the calendar, which makes her want to create an own event for her sport. On the bottom of the TV there’s a QR-code that she can scan with her phone to download the WhatsUp app for creating and registering for these events. She scans this QR-code with her camera and recieves a window with the app download from the AppStore. After having downloaded and opened the app, she logs in with her Feide username and password. After logging in she sees the calendar with the different dates and events, but instead she clicks the create event button at the bottom left. A new window pops up where she can fill in information about the event she wants to create. The data she needs to fill in is: title, description, location, time and a date via a date-picker. After she has entered all this data, she clicks the create event button, and recieves a confirmation that the event has been created. After this she looked up from her phone to find her event showing up on the calendar on the TV. Now all she has to do is wait for notifications to pop up on the app when people registers for her event.

Later that day she’s in the gym practicing serving methods with a volleyball by herself, when she suddently hears many footsteps and voices approaching. She turns around and sees many students dressed in training outfits, who had seen and registered for her event. Lisa then greeted all of them and assigned groups of 3 for practicing serving techniques. She smiled broadly and was so happy because of the posibilities that WhatsUp gave her for gathering students for volleyball practicing.


Incase the presentation of the storyboard fails to load, please view the storyboard at the following link.

Lise sees a TV-screen in the hall,with a calendar. She sees that it is available as an app and scans the QR-code to download the app.

Then she downloads the app from the AppStore.

She logs in with her FEIDE details.

At the homepage/landing-page of the app, she sees a calendar with events.

Lise wants to play volleyball and clicks on Create Event to make her own event. She then fills in all the information about her event.

When Lise is finished creating her event she received confirmation that the event has been created.

Persona for 2nd person:

Name: Petter.
Age: 21.
Education: Second year economics student.
Location: Halden.

Bio: Petter is originally from Trondheim, but moved to Halden for his studies. Petter likes to hang out with his friends, and like investing in stocks.
Needs/frustration: Petter thinks it’s too much hassle finding events that he cares about, and needs a way to access different social gatherings without stressing.
Motivations: Relaxation and having fun with friends.
Goal: Get a more stress free weekday with increased social activity.
Psychographics: Handy, funny, relaxed, athletic, engaged.
Behaviouristics: Likes everything related to economics.


Petter is sitting in his couch at home on a friday afternoon. He wants to check if there any events happening around the school later in the evening. He already has the WhatsUp app downloaded on his mobile, as he manually downloaded it via the AppStore earlier. After logging in with his Feide information, Petter sees all the events happening in the calendar. He then spots an event named Stocks, and clicks on it for more information. After reading the description of the event, he decides to press the sign up button. He then receives a new window with confirmation that he’s signed up for the event, and closes the app after this.

Later that evening, Petter meets up with the rest of the attendees at A4 Remmen. They start discussing about recent stock changes for big companies like Apple and Google, followed by watching a movie about crypto currency and how to purchase bitcoin. Petter is amazed of how easy it was to find other people with the same interests in such a short notice.


Incase the presentation of the storyboard fails to load, please view the storyboard at the following link.

Petter is at home alone and is bored to death. He therefore opens the app WhatsUp.

He logs in using his FEIDE details.

At the homepage/landing-page of the app, he sees a calendar with events.

He clicks on one event he finds interesting, and sees more detailed information about this particular event.

He signs up for the event and gets a confirmation that he signed up for this event.

Petter is at the Stocks-event having a great time getting new friends, while discussing finances.

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