3.2 Personas, scenarios and storyboards


In this task, we are going to create personas, scenarios and storyboards. The purpose of personas is to make it easier for us to understand our users’ needs, frustrations, behaviours and goals. The scenarios give examples of situations our idea can be useful in and help us examine our solution. The storyboards will help us share our vision among ourselves as well as to the stakeholders, also simplifying the solution.

Persona 1


Name: Oddvar

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Status: Single

Education: IT-student

Employment: Pizzabakeren

Income: 12000 NOK

Location: Halden


Oddvar lives in Halden and has just started his studies in digital-media and design.  He is a part of a family of five, his mom, dad and his two little brothers. Lives alone because of his studies.  He has always been a talented designer and aspire for a future as a graphic designer.


Sondre is very shy and struggles to speak his mind during lectures in big classes. Therefore he doesn’t learn as much from lecturers as he want to because of misunderstandings between lecturer and the class that doesn’t get cleared up. he also struggles to participate in class activities because of his nature of being shy. 


 Oddvar gets motivated to work with school by being in and listening to engaging lecturers. He also gets motivation and a sense of accomplishments by overcoming problems occurring in his classes. Sondre also like and gets motivated by working with like-minded students in smaller groups with projects. 


His goal is to learn as much as possible when he is participating in his lectures and classes. He also has set a goal to graduate from his university college without a single “D” in any of his classes. He is also thinking about continuing to a masters if his bachelor goes well. And all of this contributes to his main goal for his studies. To become a graphic designer. 

Scenario 1:

Its early in the morning and Oddvar is in his first lecture of the day. He lives 30 minutes by bus from his university college, so he is very tired when he arrives at the university. Oddvar thinks his lecturer speaks very unclear and has a lot of questions about what is said in the lecture but he is shy and tired and doesn’t want to interrupt the lecturer by asking too loudly in the middle of this big class. In spite of this Oddvar still wants to speak his mind and therefore pulls up an anonymous chat function which was provided for the class. The chat function  There he can see the live powerpoint presentation the lecturer is using. He can freely maneuver throughout the slides and also see the current slide the lecturer is at. In this function there is a chat function which he can use to ask the lecturer. anything related to the different slides and the lecturer will have a screen to see the live chat in front of him. Oddvar can choose in this function to be anonymous or not, but will nonetheless get the answers to his questions when the lecturer sees them. This fits Oddvar perfectly, as he gets to ask all the questions he wants without having to concern about speaking up in class or anyone knowing a possible “stupid” question is from him. 

Oddvar writes a question in the chat function. The lecturer sees this question on her screen and reads it out loud in the class. Oddvar gets an answer to his question and can therefore move on with the lecture. 


  1. Since Oddvar lives 30 minutes by bus from his university college he takes the bus.
  2. Oddvar sits in his first lecture of the day early in the morning after arrival at his university college.
  3. A combination of Oddvar being tired early and the lecturer speaking unclear makes oddvar misunderstand what is being said and he wants to ask the lecturer to retell.
  4. Oddvar looks at the anonymous chat function where he can see the live powerpoint presentation and give live comments to specific slides from the powerpointt to get an answer to his misunderstandings.
  5. Here the lecturer can instantly see Oddvars comment/question popping up on her pad and answers immediately to avoid further misunderstanding.
  6. Because of the anonymous chat function Oddvar gets answers to all his doubts and that makes him happy and makes him learn the most from his lectures. 

Persona 2


Name: Laila

Age: 46

Gender: Female

Status: Married

Education: Bachelor’s degree in science, master in 

Employment: Lecturer at Østfold University College

Income: 42000 NOK

Location: Sarpsborg


Laila is working at Østfold University College as history lecturer. In the past couple of years she has been working on some experiments in the classroom about helping students to get more comfortable and motivations on the lecturers. 


Laila wants to have a more active conversation with her students during classes and is afraid that the student does not care enough in the class and does not like her as a lecturer. 


Laila is motivated to help the students get more comfortable with being active in class, which will result in better grades for her students.


Laila wants to deepen the relationship between herself and her students and to create a good learning environment, so that she can increase the participation from the students and lessen the tension in class. 

Scenario 2:

Laila is starting her day with a big cup of coffee. She is preparing powerpoints to today’s lectures, at Østfold University College for her students  and the first class is starting 10’oclock. The lecture were supposed to be in Norwegian, but she had to change it to English because there was some new exchange students in class. She isn’t quite good in english, and it might lead to miscommunication between her and the students. Her goals for today’s lecture is to make sure that every student in her class is following her lecture, despite her poor english competence. So in today’s lecture, she used a product that her colleague recommended to her. With this product she can create a chat room for the entire class, so that the students can ask questions without raising their voice in class. In addition to a chat room there will also be shown a slide of her powerpoint, which the students can freely navigate through and it will also show Lailas current slide. She used this product once the class started, and throughout the class some students asked a few questions to Laila due to her being unclear when conveying information to the students in English. After seeing the question pop-up on her screen, she immediately answered the questions until the students were content with her answer before moving on with her lecture.


  1. The lecturer Laila is starting her day with å cup of coffee while preparing her powerpoint for today’s lecture.
  2. Laila needs to hold her lecture in english due to some new exchange students in her class. Because her english is a bit rusty some of her student might misunderstand what she is trying to convey. 
  3. Laila has here pc providing the powerpoint for the class, but also an ipad screen with the live preview of the current powerpoint with the comments and questions from the students. 
  4. On this screen Laila can see specific questions regarding spesific slides in her powerpoint to see which to answer first. She can here instantly clear all misunderstandings without the student need to go outside their comfort zone to ask her.
  5. After seeing what students are misunderstanding she then knows what to explain in a better way for them to understand.
  6. The class is happy with the lecture since they can leave fully understood what Laila was conveying.