Playful Laundry: A Gamified Laundry Booking System

We are happy to announce yet another published student paper: «Playful Laundry: A Gamified Laundry  Booking System». An Tran Thien and An Lam, two of our master students in applied computer science wrote a paper about their interaction design project, a gamified laundry booking system. The paper was accepted to SiDeR, the Student Interaction Design Research conference. SIDeR 2016 will take place on the 1st and 2nd of April, 2016 and will be held at Malmö University, Sweden. You can find the paper in the conference proceedings afterwards.

Here is what they say about their project:

Presentation Playful LaundryUsing communal laundry rooms , in which all students share a limited number of washing machines is a ubiquitous situation at most dormitories. This poses much troublesome experience for students such as wasting their time since they have to go to the laundry room , check for availability and then wait their turns. Sometimes , some students forget to pick up their clothes and then have them left out by others , which makes their laundry experience uncomfortable. In addition to that , due to the arbitrary routines of doing laundry, the machines are not used with their highest capacity. There are moments when the vast majority of students come and do their laundry at the same time whereas the washing machines are being left unused at other times.

With those aforementioned problems of an example of «The tragedy of the commons» at student dormitories , we have implemented a system to solve them. The system supports observing the status of washing machines and booking available ones. It also sends notifications to students to remind them of their booking and picking up the clothes. Furthermore , usage statistics are provided to students so that they can choose appropriate times to do the laundry, which, in turn, will leverage the washing machines’ capacities. As well as that , we have gamified the application by awarding virtual points to those students who are often punctual for their laundry for the sake of promoting users’ engagement and user experience.

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