Alle innlegg av Susanne Stigberg

Probing Privacy in Practice

This week Joakim and Susanne attended the ACHI conference in Venice. Here we presented our project about running and sharing instant video to social media. You can read more about the project in Norwegian from an article at Elektronikknett. For the project we used a mobile phone strapped to the runner in a neoprene sport belt, that… Les mer »

Playful Laundry: A Gamified Laundry Booking System

We are happy to announce yet another published student paper: «Playful Laundry: A Gamified Laundry  Booking System». An Tran Thien and An Lam, two of our master students in applied computer science wrote a paper about their interaction design project, a gamified laundry booking system. The paper was accepted to SiDeR, the Student Interaction Design Research conference. SIDeR 2016 will take… Les mer »

Bilbaner, musikkinstrumenter og quiz

I løpet av høsten har vi hatt besøk av flere skoleklasser, både fra grunnskole og videregående skole.  Under besøkene har elevene jobbet med egne små prosjekter i vårt Makerspace.  De har både brukt ny teknologi og programmering for å lage ting.  Nå ønsker vi å fortelle litt mer om tre prosjekter som har benyttet den… Les mer »

It’s showtime

Welcome to the interaction design project presentations. ITs first year master students have worked hard all semester long and are keen to show off their prototypes for you. They present different examples of innovative interaction design for everyday things. Come and see the interactive clock to teach kids time, a gamification prototype for shared washing machines for… Les mer »

Greetings from Atlanta

Being a master student at HIOF is more than just taking courses and passing exams. Our master students learn to investigate and solve problems in a scientific way and are prepared to be researchers. We encourage our master students to submit successful project work to research conferences. From our 2014 interaction design class we had… Les mer »

Summer School in Oulu

It is always important to stay connected and get the latest in your field of research. This is especially true for me as a PhD student at HIOF. That’s why I love to go to summer school. Last week I traveled for a second time to Oulu, North Finland, to be part of the UBI… Les mer »