Mobile Ubiquitous Multimedia 2017

Over the last three days I attended the 16th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM17) in Stuttgart, Germany. MUM is a small single-track conference with lots of interesting presentations, posters, demos and art tracks. It is a SIGCHI conference in cooperation with ACM.


I really enjoyed the keynote speakers. The opening keynote speaker on Monday was Dr. Shengdong Zhao, Assoc. Professor in Computer Science at National University of Singapore. He talked about the new interaction paradigm and focused on a human-centric design process. He imagines interaction with technology through two devices a head device and a hand device. Similar to my research he believes that accessories for input and output can be used to interact with the central hub (right now the “mobile phone”) to deliberate us from looking down at the technology and focus more on the world around us.


Dirk van den Boom,  a German Science-Fiction-author, consultant, journalist and extraordinary professor for political science at the University of Muenster, was the closing keynote speaker on Wednesday and talked about the implications of social media in mainstream knowledge and politics. He explained how technology helped to spread non-facts or fake news and distresses the need for educating how to “think critically” in schools. He believes that we cannot argue with idiots, but we can try to prevent others to become idiots through using sarcasm, making fun of their fake news and theories.

On Tuesday I really enjoyed the presentation from Wolfgang Hochreiter et al. with the title  No Need to Stop – Exploring Smartphone Interaction Paradigms While Cycling. He talked about the same problems I experienced in my research, the “stop-to-interact” paradigm and how to allow interaction in motion. Ashley Colly presented Investigating Drone Motion as Pedestrian Guidance , reminding me at the work from Florian Müller about Jogging over a Distance. The idea is that users have personal navigation drones helping them to find their way in unknown locations. An intriguing idea to have a small hover-able robot that helps me finding my way!

Last but not least I really enjoyed the demos and art tracks Monday evening. My three personal favorites:


I presented a poster about the A Critical Review on Participation in Mobile Interaction Design Research on Tuesday morning and won the Best Poster Award. Woohoo!


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