Mobile Interaction Design with a human-and-environment-centric perspective

In his keynote speech[1] at MUM 2017 Prof. Shengdong Zhao presented a new interaction paradigm shifting from device-centric to human-and-environment-centric interactions, which has the potential to allow humans to return to a more natural way of living.

Motivation for programming: The teaching and learning of creative coding

As media students tend to face programming as a complicated field of competence, can new, untraditional or adaptive methods of teaching aid the motivation to learn programming as a tool for creation, expression and communication?

VKA: Virtuell KorttidsAvdeling

Halden Municipality organized a test project to decrease the need of hospital and care home patiens by using technology as communication tool for patients with minor rehabilitation needs.

Virtual simulations as training tools in museums

By preserving and displaying cultural and historical heritage, the museum is an important educational asset for primary school pupils. Alas, rapid changes in technology has changed visitor behaviour, demanding active participation and interactive attractions. Museums all over the world are developing new strategies to create innovative, technological exhibitions. It is unclear what academic impact the … Continue reading “Virtual simulations as training tools in museums”

PhD. Projects

Susanne Stigberg

Susanne is currently writing up her PhD thesis at Vienna Technology University, Austria with the title “Designing for Mobility: Mobile Interaction Design with a Situated and Participatory  Mindset”. The collective knowledge presented in her thesis is derived from four conducted design projects with contributions into three areas: understanding mobile interaction, exploring alternative design techniques, as well as making mobile interaction artifacts. Her advisor is assoc. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Hilda Tellioğlu head at  Multidisciplinary Design & User Research Group at VUT.

Klaudia Carcani
Designing collaborative platforms for long term rehabilitation plans

Klaudia is currently working on her PhD from the University of Oslo, where her research project is a joint research initiative with Sunnaas rehabilitation hospital, investigating the role that technology can play in empowering patients which suffer from cognitive impairments and design a technological solution that can support patients during the transitions that happen in their life while in rehabilitation.