About the conference

The main theme for this year’s event is “Challenging Smart”. We are living in a world in which society is rapidly being digitized with the use of technology in most aspects of our daily lives. Often, the term “smart” is used to describe these initiatives, be it in energy, governance, health, industry or education.

Following the Scandinavian tradition of participatory design and democratic procedures, it is timely that our community contributes with important questions to be asked to municipalities, governments, businesses and researchers working on and deploying the technology.

What does “smart”mean in this context? For whom is the technology smart? In what way is it smart? What should we expect from the organizations and businesses involved in this development, and what does it mean to be a resident in a smart society?

The “Challenging smart” slogan will headline both IRIS40 and SCIS8, and influence keynotes and hopefully also elicit insightful contributions from the athors submitting to either IRIS40 or SCIS8.


We’ve coined a hashtag for this year’s conference theme, use it in Social Media to connect your entries to the conference.

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The conference will take place at the historical Fredriksten Fortress, located on the hills above the City of Halden.


The conference dinner will “an evening from the 17th century”, and will be held in Kongshallene within the Fredriksten Fortress.


You can get to Halden from Oslo Airport Gardermoen by bus, train or car. From Halden Train Station to the venue, grab a taxi or take the 25 minute refreshing walk!


Ostfold University College is proud to be the organizer of the 2017 IRIS/SCIS conference.

For questions or comments, please use the email challengingsmart@hiof.no!

Register your participation

Sign up before June 26 to get Early Bird-prices.



IRIS offers a highly interactive environment for doctoral students and senior researchers in Information Systems to network, share ideas, and get high quality feedback on their research.


SCIS is organized as a traditional conference, with plenary paper presentations and short discussions. Papers presented at SCIS8 will be published elecronically in the peer reviewed SCIS proceedings.