IRIS40 offers a highly interactive environment for doctoral students and senior researchers in Information Systems to network, share ideas, and get high quality feedback
on their research.

The IRIS seminar dates back to 1978, and is a well-established community where you can build and sustain your Scandinavian IS network. IRIS oers a unique opportunity for you to present and discuss your research, with PhD students and seniors in your field. All IRIS papers are dicussed in working groups, and all group members have read your paper and prepared for the discussion prior to the seminar. Each paper will be allocated 45–60 minutes for the discussion, in contrast to the long presentation followed by a short discussion typical for most conferences. Taking part in IRIS also gives you the opportunity to practice your reviewing skills, as you will automatically be assigned 2–3 other papers for reviewing upon the submission of your own paper.

Most participants at IRIS are from the Nordic countries. however we warmly welcome
researchers from all parts of the world to the conferene.


SCIS is organized as a traditional conference, with plenary paper presentations and short discussions. Papers presented at SCIS8 will be published elecronically in the peer reviewedSCIS proceedings. The SCIS8 programmeis interwovenwith the IRIS40 program. SCIS8 and IRIS40 share keynotes and social events, and the combined IRIS/SCIS event has a one-track programwhichmakes it easy to follow for everyone.