IRIS group guidelines

For group leaders

As a group leader, you have the responsibility for organizing and running the
IRIS group sessions. This includes:

  • Chair the IRIS group kickoff meeting for your group
  • Decide (with your group) the order of papers to be discussed in each
    IRIS session
  • Appoint one main discussant for each paper
  • Host the group work sessions, including a short introduction of each
  • Encourage a positive and constructive discussion environment
  • Nominate one or two papers from your group to IRIS selected papers
  • Manage the time: 60 minutes are allocated for each paper

For group participants

  • Read all the papers in your group before the conference
  • Prepare questions and suggestions for each paper
  • Focus on methodological, theoretical and practical sides of the research
  • Focus less on details such as formatting and typos
  • Prepare to receive constructive comments on own research
  • Make note of the feedback you receive, this will be useful for you both
    to take your research further, and in the case your paper is nominated
    for IRIS selected papers.