Venue and transportation

Fredriksten Hotell is located in fantastic sorroundings at the historic fortress of Fredriksten. The hotel is seated highly elevated over the city of Halden – althoug, a short walk downhill, and you find yourself in the town center.

When at the hotel you can enjoy a marwellous view of fjords, the city, and vast areas of forests. In the nearby areas there have been fought firse battles against the Swedes, of the rightful ownership of Norway. The motto to describe Fredriksten Hotell the best is:

«Often besieged, but never conquered»

Conference Hotel


Fredriksten Hotel
Generalveien 25-27
1769 Halden, Norway

Phone: +47 69 02 10 10


The Fortress is a large part of the city of Halden’s history, being an important part of the Norwegian defence against the Swedish attempt of invasion. Visit the preservatory’s website for historical information about the venue.

The city

With local entrepreneurs in the driving seat, Halden city has experienced an upgrade over the recent years, resulting in a restored town square. Located close to the local port, summer life rarely gets more beautiful than this.

Get more information about local eateries, activities, attractions and shopping on the official travel portal of Halden.

Transportation to and from Oslo Airport

To get to or from Oslo Airport Gardermoen you may travel by bus, train or car.

transport-2By Train
Get to and from Halden with NSB or the Airport Express train. NSB usually departs every hour during the day and evening.

If you need a taxi from the train station, order by telephone at (0047) 69 21 32 00.

busBy bus
There is no direct bus route from Oslo Airport Gardemoen to Halden. If you wish to travel by bus you can travel on the Airport Express bus to Fredrikstad (town close by) and then travel on one of the local bus routes or train to Halden.

transport-3By car
From Oslo Airport Gardemoen to Halden (approximately 160km):  drive onto highway E6 direction Oslo, then follow E6 south towards Gøteborg (Gothenburg). Take Exit 2 to get into Halden.

There is free parking at the hotel if opting to drive yourself.

Rental Companies
Several rental companies are located at the terminal. Contact the company regarding opening hrs and directions where to pick up the vehicle.


From Halden Train Station to Fredriksten Hotel

When arriving at the train station you may opt to walk or take a taxi. The walk is somewhat uphill but is a pleasant short walk.