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Introducing the artistic research project:



The Blind Spot is a phenomenon of the eye. “The natural blind spot is due to lack of receptors where the optic nerve and blood vessels leave the eye. Blindness is absence of seeing. It may be experienced as blackness, or very differently it may be nothing. The sudden blindness of switching off the light is blackness (and black is a colour); nothingness is lack of visual sensation, as for the world behind one’s head.” Scholarpedia, 6(10):9618. An art history of vision requires an art history of blindness, writes Art Historian Peter Bexte. Why is it, he asks, that the character of the Blind is so present in visual art?

Beyond this technical significance the blind spot is a metaphor for a multitude of juxtapositions of the visible and invisible, the static and fluid, the welcome and the ignored. Blind spot is that which is uncannily present, and at the center, but remains unseen and undescribed.

Art and media almost exclusively address the visual senses. This can be challenged, pointing to the conceptual, political, religious and moral questions art asks of society. Targeted with short, tricky, confusing and exasperating messages, eyes and minds today are in ever more trouble to see through the Blind Spot in the thicket, or is it a void?

In this performance, visual, sound and performing artists interested in the implications of perception in human experience and society have dealt and played with the artistic potential of the blind spot and its fuzzy surroundings.

With: Marcio Carvalho, Farid Fairuz, Ingvild Holm, Karen Kipphoff, Trond Lossius, Carole Nadeau

Others: Patricia Canellis, Elizabet Damyanova, Nik Haffner, Svein Ove Kirkhorn, Cecilie Ullerup-Schmidt, Craig Wells

Blind Spot – Staring Down the Void is an artistic research project financed by PKU (Program for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid) and Akademi for scenekunst ved Høgskolen i Østfold in cooperation with and supported by HZT / UDK Berlin, BIT Stiftelsen Bergen Internasjonale Teater, BEK Bergen Electronic Arts Center,  Tranzit Foundation Bucharest Romania, Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres Quebec.

FRIDAY 11th of August at 19:00
SATURDAY 12th of August at 19:00
MONDAY 14th of August at 17:00

All performances will take place at Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad (Østfold University College at Kråkerøy) and the doors open 30 minutes before the performance starts. You will get more information about location and entrance when you book your ticket(s).