The House & The Lights

In 2016, we have celebrated our 20th anniversary under the title THE HOUSE & THE LIGHTS. During 4 days from 22 to 25 September 2016 and then again for one day on the 3rd December 2016, we have invited a wide diversity of shows by artists (alumni, teachers and students) who have influenced our education and made us who we are. Our intention was to organise a truly unusual and intimate festival where we looked at a variety of curated works together and shared in discussions, performative experiences, installations and many other unique events. This was a great opportunity to meet and experience the next generation of theatre and performance makers who seek alternative paths to the mainstream.

We have seen surprising, provocative, important and energetic pieces. Together we have celebrated the deep collaboration between acting and scenography in our theatre education rooted in the international avant garde.

Click HERE for the detailed programme of the festival.

2016-12-03 13.23.37-2

Photo from THE GAUNTLET performed in Gamlebyen Fredrikstad on 3rd december 2016 (Sxip Shirey and 1st years BA)