Artists invited at the 2016 festival

At The House & The Lights you will be see surprising, provocative and energetic works by the following artists:

Ivar Furre Aam (NO), Andrey Bartenev (RU), Tony Hall (TT), Sxip Shirey (US), by Proxy (NO/DK), JULI/JON (FI/NO), Øystein Elle (NO), Janne Hoem (NO), Gunhild Mathea Olausen (NO), Marina Popovic (NO), Freya Sif Hestnes (DK), Karen Kipphoff (DE), Inga Aleksviciunite (LT), Naomi Boyce (US), Robert Johanson (US), Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk (NO), Dan Safer (US), Veronika Bökelmann (DE), Moran Sanderovich (IL), Marie Kaada Hovden (NO), Agnes Hvizdalek (AT), Jonas Qvale (NO), Per Magnus Barlaug (NO), Corentin JPM Leven (FR), Kathrine Tolo (NO), Ingvild Holm (NO), Naja Lee Jensen (DK), Jakob Oredsson (SE), Ale Mendez (CR), Jan Hajdelak (CZ), Paolo Zuccotti (IT/(SE), Karoline Clasen Holland (NO) and many more.


Paolo Zuccotti has been working in Italy and abroad as a street theatre performer with Compagnia Arra. In 2008-9 he studied physical theatre at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri (CH). In 2013, he completed a bachelor degree in acting at NTA. Today he is interested in the relationship between art and activism, and the potential of creative practices in shaping active citizenship.

Jan Hajdelak Husták – educated new media artist, animator, illustrator and graphic designer, deeply focused on VJing, theatre, interactivity, artivism and street art, using site specificity as primary inspiration and projector as favourite tool. He is currently a Master student in Scenography.

Moran Sanderovich born 1980 in Rehovot, Israel, studied at the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem, and is currently based in Berlin. Moran uses sculpture, performance, video and drawings to express the human body and how it is perceived. She creates modern, mythological, alternative bodies using silicon, organic materials and found objects. Her works have been shown internationally.

Veronika Bökelmann born 1978 in Tübingen, Germany, is currently based in Berlin. Her works explore the threshold between performance and media installations, and have been shown in frameworks such as Moscow Biennale, Sophiensaele Berlin or Black Box Oslo. She studied Performance Studies at New York University and at the Norwegian Theater Academy. She works at the Department for Fine Arts / Architecture at the TU Berlin and has been teaching at KhiO Oslo and other academies.

Marie Kaada Hovden works across the genres. In addition to installation and music she also works with theatre. She is based between Oslo, Fredrikstad and Røst where she is part of the group running and organizing the artist residency Røst AiR at Skomvær Lighthouse.

Agnes Hvizdalek has specialized in abstract vocal music. She is from Vienna, but has lived and worked in Norway since 2008. Agnes is active within various improvisation based genres and tours internationally.

Jonas Qvale uses electronic devices, field recordings, audio file editors, self-made instruments, found objects and stolen recordings when he creates and performs as Origami Antarktika. He is also the leader of the all acoustic musical group Hornorkesteret.

Øystein Elle is classically trained countertenor singer, and theatrical composer who work in the span between baroque aesthetics, noisy extended vocals, 20th century avant-garde mixed with post punk references. He has been connected to Norwegian Theatre Academy as an assistant professor in voice and singing since 2006. Since October 2013, he is employed at the Akademi for Scenekunst as a research fellow, funded by «Norwegian Artistic Research Programme» with his project «Capto Musicae – Researching sonic and musical theatre in a contemporary artistic context.”

Janne Hoem is an artist who primarily works with film and direction for physical theatre. She is treading the myths and hunts for a universal vibrant language in her works. She collaborates with shamans, musicians and poets in search of her alchemy.

Gunhild Mathea Olaussen is a scenographer and musician working cross-disciplinary in the meeting between performing arts, installation and music. As from 2014, Gunhild Mathea is an artistic research fellow, working on “Responsive Scenography”.

by Proxy is a live-art collective consisting of four actors and two scenographers, who after previous collaborations in smaller constellations gathered around the project “Stop Being Poor.” The performance premiered at NTA in May 2015 and won the jury prize during the directing competition Körber Studio Junge Regie in June the same year. This project has since toured in Germany and the Nordic countries, and will further be played at GogolFest in Ukraine. The members of by Proxy all write, choreograph, stage and perform in close collaboration, from the initial idea and to the premiere. While working with “Stop Being Poor” the collective created methods and tools for exploring theoretical starting points through active work. These methods have been brought further in their next productions, hereunder the performative installation “The YOU! Signal” which opened during Porsgrunn Internasjonale Teaterfestival in June, and our coming theatre performance “Escape the Universe” which will be produced in the late fall of 2016.

Sxip Shirey is a composer/producer/performer based in New York City. He most recently toured with the theater/circus arts production “LIMBO”, performing in 425 shows in 2 years across 3 continents. Shirey is a 2011 United States Artist Fellow, and teaches at NTA. He has been a featured performer at TED, and wrote the music for the short film “Statuesque” written and directed by Neil Gaiman and starring Bill Nighy. Latency is one of his latest work.

Naja Lee Jensen has a BA in Acting from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and a MA in Fine Arts from the Art Academy in Oslo. In her cross-disciplinary practice, she explores the borderland between stage art and fine art both within the black box, the white cube and in the public sphere. Her works has been shown at Festspillene i Bergen, NoPlace gallery and Vaterlandstunnellen in Oslo. For more information see

Corentin JPM Leven Born in 1993, french scenographer (graduated in 2015). Using various medias such as sculpture, painting, video and performance arts Corentin JPM is in constant exploration of the suppressed voices of his own. Currently focusing on the local painter Bendik Riis, Corentin JPM is about to present a theater piece in collaboration with Per Magnus Barlaug, and other talented artists entitled “Bendik Riis: Autopsy of the Myth” in Blå Grotte in 2017.   

Per Magnus Barlaug is an actor and performer from Oslo, Norway. He has performed in places such as BIT (Bergen International Theatre), National Drama Theatre in Vilnius, Nordland Theatre. He have experience from acting, installation work and contemporary dance, such as his performance ”F”, as he performed and created together with Jade Francis Haj at The Meteor Festival in BIT in 2015.

Alejandra Mendez is a scenographer and architect who works with alternative spaces and materials. She is currently a Master student in Scenography and she is working on an exhibition at the Norsk Teknisk Museum and other installation projects.

Marina Popović is an actress, graduated from the Norwegian Theatre Academy in 2016. Originally from Sarajevo, growing up in Trondheim, Marina investigates topics such as identity and belonging in close collaboration with other artist, using both  fictional and documentary material. Marina also holds an MA from the faculty of Arts and Humanities at NTNU, Trondheim, specializing in Cultural Memory Studies and is interested in research and work that combines theory and practice.

Freya Sif Hestnes graduated as a scenographer from Norwegian Theatre Academy in 2016. Her work reveals a curiosity towards objects and how to give them their own voice, both on stage as well as through photography, video and relational art. She makes up half of the live visuals collaboration MANUALS and will complete a BFA in photography in June 2017 from Valand Academy, Gothenburg.