Artistic and conceptual developments

The first major artistic activity after the awarding of the research grant and an initial workgroup meeting of the partner institutions in May 2016 in Fredrikstad and following the finalization of the participating artists of the performance part of the research project was a two-week conceptual and research oriented workshop in Berlin.

The selection of those artists was pursued through contacts with the partners Tranzit Foundation Bucharest and HZT Berlin as well as BEK Bergen and BIT Teatergarasjen.

The workshop took place during the first 2 weeks of August 2016. Participants were

CAROLE NADEAU (CANADA), MARCIO CARVALHO (PT/DE), TROND LOSSIUS (NO), CECILIE ULLERUP-SCHMIDT (DK/DE) ; KAREN KIPPHOFF (NO), NIK HAFFNER ( DE) with guest SVEN ÅGE BIRKELAND (DK), curator/director of BIT Teatergarasjen and PATRICIA CANELLIS, project coordinator of NTA – attending for a shorter period. The workshop was perceived as inspiring and generated a lot of material for further consideration throughout the grant period.

Topics dicussed and researched at the workshop included:

– the participants conceptual and artistic background and interest in the topic

– devices of perception/viewing/recording

–  contemporary politicial, philosophical, social and artistic aspects of the topic

– initial exploration of the subject

– gathering, experimentation and testing of artistic research material in forms of sounds, images, texts, sketches

Material from this workshop can be viewed at – panorama 

In September 2016, another partner institution meeting was held in Fredrikstad during the anniversary festival of HiØ-NTA with attendees from BIT Teatergarasjen (KAROLINE SKUSETH), Tranzit Foundation (RALUCA VOINEA) and from HZT (NIK HAFFNER).

Points discussed were further planning of the project, including travel to Bucharest and performances/seminars for the Meteor Festival in Bergen October 2017.

The follow up meeting took place in November 2016 at Tranzit Foundation Bucharest with RALUCA VOINEA , KAROLINE SKUSETH and KAREN KIPPHOFF. Visits to the National Dance Center Bucharest, The Village Museum and to performing artists and galleries were made in order to establish working relationships and plan seminars, performances with the partner in Bucharest.

Image Documentation of Meeting in Bucharest

Bergen Kunsthall has offered us the use of the complete premises for the presentation of the performance as well as location for the seminars etc. planned during Meteor Festival 2017 / in coop BIT Teateragrasjen/BEK.

As the project continues to take shape and the second major workshop in Berlin is scheduled for February/March 2017, two new artists were invited to participate in the performance part of the research. These are FARID FAIRUZ (ROMANIA) + INGVILD HOLM (NO) – research fellow PKU-HIØ.

written on 01.02.2017