Opening of the exhibition 

Blind Spot Exhibition at Teknisk Museum in OSLO


Teknisk museum/Håkon Bergseth

 Photo: Teknisk museum/Håkon Bergseth

Do we see with our eyes or through them?

This new exhibition – a collaboration between NTA – University College of Østfold and Teknisk Museum funded by DIKU (Artistic Research Programme) – explores the relationship between what you see and what you perceive. Through artistic installations, optical illusions, and ophthalmic artefacts from various times, BLIND SPOT will take you both to the blind spot of the eye and to our cultural blind spots.

Exhibition period: 25 May 2019 to 1 March 2020

The visit is an experience for body and mind

Visiting the exhibition is an experience for both body and mind. You go through the exhibition, move your body and eyes and look for new perspectives and blind spots as part of the exhibition experience and in society.


A unique collection of medical history items

In the exhibition, you will see a number of objects from the museum’s medical history collections. These ophthalmic aids helped scientists understand how and what we see. The National Medical Museum is central for cultural heritage in the field of health and medicine history in Norway.


Opening on Friday 24. may at 18.00 at Teknisk museum

Funded Høgskolen i Østfold, Teknisk Museum and by DIKU

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