Do we see with our eyes or through them? Explore the relationship between what we see and perceive through artistic installations and eye-related medical artifacts from diverse periods. The title, Blind spot, refers to both the eye’s blind spot and our cultural blind spots.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfold University College and the National Medical Museum at The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology. Funded by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

Entre Chien et Loup

The dreamer performer in the frame of [frasq] # 10 – gets off to a flying start!


Comedian-performer, choreographer and researcher Biño Sauitzvy took us into a space-time where the night became white, and the day became black. In the vast space of the Generator, in the frame of NUIT BLANCHE (same concept as Kulturnatt here in Norway) in Paris, the BA students of NTA offered a fabulous performance where dance, theatre, acrobatics, dreams, and poetry made us fly high.


This performance was organised with the support of the artistic research project BLIND SPOT.

In partnership with the Academy Fratellini, University Paris 8, Le Generateur.


With students: Nina Tind Jensen, Livia Hiselius, Jakob Schnak Krog, Ragni Halle, Jay Fiskerstand, Naja Schonemann, Eline Waldeland, Gregers Andreas Kroksleiven-Hansen, Tova Ekenberg, Simon
Zeller, Eun Yong.


@Meteor Festival Bergen 2017


Performance shown at Norwegian Theatre Academy 2017, Meteor Festival Bergen 2017
with: Marcio Carvalho, Farid Fairuz, Ingvild Holm, Karen Kipphoff, Trond Lossius, Carole Nadeau
Artistic Research project supported by Norwegian Artistic Research Program, Norwegian Theatre Academy, BEK Bergen Electronic Ars Center, Bit Teatergarasjen, HZT Hochulzentrum Tanz Berlin, Tranzit Foundation Bucharest, Conseils des arts et des lettres Québec, Canada Council for the Arts

The Panorama

The panorama seeks to present everything: the sum of all possible details to be seen, while at the same time keeping an overview, giving a general impression of that which is represented. But evermore accessible information cannot patch over the quintessential misunderstanding, that information accessible is not equal to filtering, reading, understanding, let alone acting upon that information.


The panorama will be an important audio-visual element in the production, drawing on previous work with panoramic image and video in collaborations between Karen Kipphoff and Trond Lossius, making use of non-standard wide screen video formats and immersive surround sound serving as auditive scenography.

Staged Bodies, media installation (2005-06)
by Karen Kipphoff & Trond Lossius