Towards the stage production

From 19 February to 4th March 2017, BLIND SPOT will meet (for the second time) in BERLIN at HZT/ Universität der Künste Berlin.

The artists involved until now are : Marcio Carvahlo, Carole NadeauTrond LossiusCecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Karen Kipphoff, Karoline Skuseth, and Nik Haffner. To this group has been added 2 more artists:  Ingvild Holm,  Farid Fairuz,

This workshop will lead to the next session (and final) period of (performative) work which will take place in Fredrikstad during a whole month residency mid July – mid August 2017. The production/performance will be presented on 14th August 2017 in the Akademi (Norwegian Theatre Academy).

Bow and Arrow Season

Waiting — Hunting — Shadow — Monster

Field work at Wolletzsee outside Berlin during the workshop proved to be particularly productive. A former hunting ground for the DDR Stasi elite, this field trip produced compelling imagery and sound recordings with rich metaphorical resonances, including the stark contrasts between the peaceful landscape and the violent act of killing that it affords, silence and explosions, hunter and the hunted, surveillance, spying, voyeurism, fencing in and out at the edges and borders between fields and forests, etc.