Towards the stage production

From 19 February to 4th March 2017, BLIND SPOT will meet (for the second time) in BERLIN at HZT/ Universität der Künste Berlin.

The artists involved until now are : Marcio Carvahlo, Carole NadeauTrond LossiusCecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Karen Kipphoff, Karoline Skuseth, and Nik Haffner. To this group has been added 2 more artists:  Ingvild Holm,  Farid Fairuz,

This workshop will lead to the next session (and final) period of (performative) work which will take place in Fredrikstad during a whole month residency mid July – mid August 2017. The production/performance will be presented on 14th August 2017 in the Akademi (Norwegian Theatre Academy).