La francophonie : identité linguistique, culturelle ou transnationale ? Ou le rapport au monde de trois voix africaines.

I boka “Language and Nation” som kommer ut nå hos Waxmann, er det en artikkel om identitetsspørsmålet i fransktalende land.


What about an author like Samuel Beckett, is he a French or an Irish Nobel price winner? In francophone literature we find many examples about identities complexity. And from three literary examples, we will discuss the idea of a francophone cultural identity. We will choose one book of JMG Le Clézio, one of Camara Laye and of Taos Amrouche. We will show, based on themes developed in their books, the importance of the relationship between the author and historical events of his time, as decolonization and the emergence of new nations, but also being part of a region and a family tradition. In addition we will compare them in their relation to the francophone identity. And we would argue for a plural francophone cultural identity.

av André Avias

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