New AreaS book discussing borders

New AreaS book ” Discussing Borders, Escaping Traps: Transdisciplinary and Transspatial Approaches”, is published by Waxmann and is available in open access or through order. 

 Foto: Book cover Waxmann

We live in strange times. Old borders are vanishing just before our astonished eyes, while new ones are rapidly emerging. Nearly three decades after the publication of Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man, the zeitgeist that predicted a bright future for mankind to a large extent turned out to be rather more of a dystopia. Crises in and outside Europe multiplied the number of border controls, triggered the construction of walls and fences and widened ideological gaps. The book Discussing Borders, Escaping Traps is a transdisciplinary and transspatial approach to investigating these vanishing, emerging and changing material and immaterial borders. It is the result of a two-year project by AreaS, a research group in area studies located at Østfold University College in Norway, and by partners of AreaS.


Franck Orban and Elin Strand Larsen (Editors)
André Avias,  Harald Borgebund,  Wladimir ChávezVaca,  Torgeir Landro,  Rania Maktabi,
Robert Mikkelsen,  Franck Orban,  Marjo Rynning,  Henrik Skaug Sætra,  Elin Strand Larsen,  Johanna M. Wagner